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The Access to ERINHA’s services is ensured through its Central Coordinating Unit.
Demand for services can be submitted by academic, public and industrial users.
Projects are selected based on scientific excellence and should match with ERINHA’s scientific strategy.
Selected projects/services demand are allocated to the relevant and available research facilities within ERINHA Research Infrastructure.

The first Transnational Access Call to access ERINHA’s services was launched in October 2019.
The access guidelines and Data protection policy are defined in the following documents:

ERINHA-Advance TNA Programme Guidelines

ERINHA-Advance TNA Programme Data Protection Policy

Types of services

Providing transnational access to BSL4 and complementary facilities through CCU
High quality scientific project management and implementation
The CCU will ensure high quality coordination of the scientific programmes during its whole lifecycle. Scientific activities will be perfomed in the members’ cutting-edge research facilities
Advice and scientific expertise provider
Large scope of multidisciplinary expertise and advice for international organizations, tates, public or private institutions: RG4 pathogens research, containment facilities onstruction, biosafety-biosecurity matters or sample transport, etc.
ERINHA provides training for the potential users of the infrastructure to conduct experiments in high containment facilities and environment (in vitro, in vivo, biosafety training, etc.)
Other additional services can be provided, e.g.:  Access to pathogen specimens